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Friso & CRIA
Reading 1714  Released in:2017-5-3

Friso, one branch brand of FrieslandCampina, founded in 1871, with its royal title of dairy enterprises in Holland, it represents royal quality and good fame all around the world. Friso is dedicated to baby and infant food products and its turnover is up to 16 billion euros in 2016, it is one of the world's leading dairy companies. Its products is now selling to more than 100 countries around the world.

Why does Friso choose CRIA to feedback their consumers this year? let's find it out:

Across the Pacific, through the numerous hills and streams, here we come to the hometown of the long white cloud ---- New Zealand. Here we got the purest water resource and grass land, and then we got the happiest merino sheep and alpaca. The temperate and climate is warm all seasons, and with abundant sunshine, mild climate and year-round uniform precipitation, for those lovely sheep and alpacas to create high-quality wool. Its wool export volume ranks first in the world. With the trust of the Chinese consumer, CRIA also won trust from the century-old royal brand----Friso.

Similarly, Holland is the world's second largest dairy product country, it’s milk contains rich protein and energy. Royal Friso’s milk is from Royal Friesland ranch where located 53 degrees north latitude, there is typical maritime climate and temperate, perennial in the Westerlies, warm in winter, cool in summer, the annual precipitation distribution is quite even in here. So the cows live in this mild climate and the milk quality is sure the best of the world. It is easy to be digested and away from hotness naturally. Friso enjoys high reputation of Mothers around world widely.

The warm sunshine, fresh air, pure water, abundant nutrition of soil and trustworthy high qulity...all these similarities, make Friso and CRIA to come together to greeting our little angels across the globe.

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