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Mummum & CRIA
Reading 1952  Released in:2017-10-18

Last month, CRIA just settled in the New Zealand famous maternal and child brand----Egg shop. And in fact, CRIA has already launched in another shop---- Mummum before she entered Egg.

Mummum have a wide range of maternity and baby care products in store, from antenatal to post natal, breast-feeding to solid feeding, and from comfort soothers to kids' costumes.

Mummum is an authorized retailer for many well-known international brands, such as Mustela, Fischer-Price, Skip Hop, Boon, Jellycat, Fred, Modern twist, Brica, Nosefrida,  Lamaze, Pediped and Beaba etc.

At the same time, Mummum is also the sole distributor of Kidsme, and Kidsme is one of the world's high-end baby feeding brands.

Mummum is a comprehensive mother and child store, with two solid stores in Oakland, and a full range of websites

In Mummum store, CRIA's wool products are neatly placed in the most conspicuous place.

CRIA’s little friend is carrying his trophy and seems very happy. CRIA, gift for the angles.

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