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Newzealand Wool
Reading 1389  Released in2016-11-4

When we talk about wool, people usually think about wool that are from Australia or Newzealand. Due to the different characteristics of wool quality, wool from Australia is the ideal raw material for clothing fabric. While New Zealand wool is better for bedding and hand woven wool fabric.


Q1: Compared with the wool from Australia, what is the difference of Newzealand wool and why are they suitable for bedding products?

The fiber diameter of New Zealand wool is mostly 31 ~ 40 microns, fiber length is 100 ~ 300 mm. its good strength, uniform quality, white color, without black fiber, these characteristics make New Zealand wool the ideal raw material for children's bedding. Now, New Zealand has become the largest international wool production and trading country for hand woven wool fabric, it will become into the largest producer of wool bedding in the near future!

According to statistics from China professional bedding products Committee in 2015, there are almost no pure wool bedding products in China baby bedding market, few are made of 80% wool and 20% fiber, besides, there are material including silk, feather, hemp and other materials, we can barely see pure wool material in mother and baby bedding market in china.


Q2: wool bedding represents high-grade, luxury and may not be easily handled, which restricts its popularity among consumers. So what is the excellent performance of wool bedding products?

Wool is a kind of excellent natural fiber. It is soft, elastic, high strength, and with good elasticity. With natural genetic characteristics, sheep wool bedding has excellent softness, comfort and stain resistance, and it has warming, noise reducing and natural humidity regulating function.

At present, there may be misunderstanding that wool bedding will get mite like other materials. But in fact, in order to prevent the damage of some insect larvae, all bedding products hanging Wool Made in New Zealand logo are after mothproof treatment, the natural insecticides are harmless to children and pets.


Q3: what is the future of wool product in China's market?

CRIA will launch different levels of maternal and infant bedding products. Pillows are lavender pillow, breathe easy pillow and pure wool pillow. Duvets are alpaca, alpaca+wool, pure wool and blend. CRIA also have Merino wool blanket, knitted lace blanket, Royal wool blanket, and newborn blankets. Wool made bedding products can be used for several years since it is not easily deformed and it is cool in summer, warm in winter!

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