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Time to go to bed
Reading 1111  Released in2016-11-11

     In modern life, people are used staying up late at night and are occupied with many kinds of night social events like eating, drinking, pubbing or dating. But in the opposite side of the world, there are people who are not capable of playing at the late time of the day, these people are so called parents, and of which, especially moms, the situation they are facing is babysitting like kitchen cleaning, kid (or kids) bathing, reading story, overall sweep up and etc.

Do Not get frightened by this fact since this article will let you know that all your sacrifice+effort are worthwhile because time to go to bed discipline is very important not only for the health of heart blood vessel, and for brain, study and behavior mode of our kids.

Going to bed late may influence height. Research shows that 70% of kids height is inherited from parent gene while 30% is acquired. Reason for that is hypophysis cerebri secret growth hormone during sleeping time, but the secreting period will begin from 9 oclock at night and only under the condition of deep sleeping. Kids will catch to deep sleeping period after 1 hours sleep. So if our kids do not go to bed or get to sleep at 9 oclock, or they are sleeping but not entering the deep sleeping period yet, then growth hormone will decrease largely and thus influence height.

Going to bed late may influence heart growth. Kids will get ratty, irritable and hard to calm down when they are loss of sleep. And usually they will get even more anxiety under that condition, their blood pressure, breath and heart beat will speed up and cause heart blood vessel diseases like Heart valve prolapse.

 Going to bed late may lead to fat.When we eat a lot, the fat cell will release leptin to inform our brain to stop eating. While same as sleeping, even just one nights loss of sleeping, ghrelin will increase to restrain leptin secreting.

Going to bed late may lead to catching cold frequently. Either children or adult, their body will secret a protein contains cell factor and depend on which, our body defeat infecting, disease and pressure. This cell factor also helps our body to get rested and self healing. Sleeping loss may influence the number of this cell factor and thus increase the possibility of catching cold or infecting other diseases.

So, keep trying to get our children to go to bed before 9 oclock at night and they will grow healthy, happy and smart.

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