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Cool in Summer, Warm in Winter.
Reading 1629  Released in:2017-7-25

As the opposite side, unlike winter in New Zealand, now it is hot summer in China (the hottest one for the past 145 years!). The temperature could be 42℃ at the daytime and the temperature for the earth surface may over 60 (OMG), and its real baking challenge outside under the sunshine.

And for the inside space, we say at home, the air conditioner is a must under such extreme circumstance. So, what kind of material could be cool and fast dry at the same time in summer? The answer is, wool.

Light and thin, keep warm, absorb sweat, these are the typical characteristics of fine merino wool products. And what Mums should do in the cool or even cold air conditioner room is to choose CRIA products to make their precious babies to be cool and also warm in this summer!

Lace, restoring all girls princess dream, meanwhile, holding baby's belly, back and other parts where are easy to catch cold.

The fine knitting craftwork keeps off the cool breeze, but also ensures breathability. It can quickly absorb the sweat on your baby's skin surface and keep it warm and dry.

CRIA wool blanket is made of super fine Merino wool, it is light, breathable and comfortable.

Provided with pure water, fresh clean air, in this environment and the relaxing mood, the wool quality is absolutely the best around the globe.


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