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Sweating while sleeping?
Reading 1178  Released in2016-11-22

Many mothers found that their baby sweat a lot, especially during sleeping time. They became worrying about the children of lacking calcium and will continue to give them calcium supplements but, always not seeing any effect on that. In fact, sweating during sleeping is not calcium deficiency since there are many physiological reasons. So, what causes there are for baby sweating?

Physical Quality Factor

Physiological hyperhidrosis refers to the meaning that sweating has nothing to do with any diseases and just the opposite, the baby is growing very healthy and this sweating is just related with physical factor. Infants has a vigorous metabolism and has very strong heat production, and their skin is thin and tender, and of course they played and ran a lot till very late at night before go to bed, so sweating is inevitable while they are sleeping.

Poor Sleep Habit

Many parents often worry about the sleeping temperature is too low at night and give the child thick duvet, especially new born baby, they are always packed too tightly. But what we Do Not Know is that babys brain nervous system thermoregulatory center development is not perfect and is still in growing period during which period of time, their metabolism is quite vigorous to give out too much heat, their little body have to sweat to adjust to the normal temperature to against the thick duvet and clothes.


High calorie food does not harm adult but now are harming babies since food and nutrition is almost everywhere in our life. Eating behavior should be prohibited 1 hour before sleeping time because when baby is still eating at night, even it is already time to sleep, the extra food may help the body to produce a large amount of heat, and then lead to baby sleep sweating.

Last but not the least, fine quality material of bedding is also important for baby, material that can breathe is the your first choice.

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