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Reading 1605  Released in:2017-4-6

 In March 27, 2017, New Zealand and China signed a cooperation agreement called “The Belt and Road ". And thus, New Zealand has become the first western country who signed relative agreement with China, the new trade between the two countries are fruitful.

Why Chinese premier Li Keqiang frequently visit New Zealand? There must be a unique reason and the reason is---except for a long history of Maori culture, there are lovely alpaca, sheep, pure water, natural vast green land.

When it comes to farming, it is necessary to mention this picturesque place in Dunedin, it is the fourth largest city in New Zealand. Queenstown, shooting place of the movie “Lord of the rings”, is also located nearby.

While movie industry is not the main business, agriculture and animal husbandry is the pillar industry of Dunedin. The wool production and dairy farming are famous around the world, its pleasant environment, clean air and water, agricultural natural grassland has provided the sheep high quality of food and feeding condition and thus to produce fine wool product with the highest quality.

CRIA now brings the pure wool products from New Zealand to China.

Tens of thousands of New Zealand made wool duvet has just landed in Shanghai Free Trade Zone, for the upcoming marketing activities from a world famous dairy brand to welcome 2017 international Children's Day, CRIA is ready!


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